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“Popular Oscar” Should be the “People’s Oscar”

“The Oscars will have a new award category next year honouring popular films, in a major shake-up for the most prestigious awards show in the movie industry.”

There aren’t many more details but people are confused as to what will constitute/qualify a film as “most popular?” – by gross? By people’s ratings?

How about just calling it a PEOPLE’S OSCAR and letting PEOPLE vote … just like when you buy a DVD/Blu Ray, you get a digital code, when you go the theater and buy a movie ticket – you get a code and when you enter the code, you vote for that movie.

You get a vote every time you buy a ticket so if you go see it 10 times, you get 10 votes since that’s what help the movie become a monster hit.

There are obviously some security details to work out but this would tie in directly and maybe even increase movie attendance as you cannot vote for the film until after you have seen it.

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21 August 2018 movies No Comment

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