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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Deals at Amazon

Amazon has some interesting CARS deals … if you are still missing some Christmas CARS diecast, the price for this 6-pack singles is a reasonable deal with FREE SHIPPING – includes Sarge with Roof Lights from 2017, the variant of Reindeer mater with white snow on his radiator cap and the variant Ramone with the flat windshield.

Though if you only need Sarge, $5.99 is a solid deal with FREE SHIPPING (Prime/$25).

And if you missed out on older Precision Series playsets, PRICES have SKYROCKETED (Fillmore is about 450% of the original).

You might want to decide whether to commit or not. You might not have long before the pricing of these join Fillmore.

Sarge’s Surplus Hut the best deal at about 50% off.

Luigi’s is about 30% off.

A couple of other playsets are priced at around the original retail price (Ramone’s is higher).

If you’re a completist, a 3rd party seller has the RS Classic Intro Ramone at a reasonable cst with FREE SHIPPING ($9.95 as of now) considering it was a TRU exclusive AND essentially the only new RS Classic single of 2018 (the other releases featured townies with new eye positions).

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