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How to Dial a Phone

Back in 1927, AT&T had to release a short explaining to people how to dial a phone … I guess anyone born after 1985 might need to see how phones actually worked for 60 years … well, there were push button phones from the 1960’s but you can hang onto to rotary until the 1980’s.

AND your phone number first started with letters because they figured you couldn’t memorize 7 numbers – KLONDIKE 4-7619. You can find a list of AT&T recommended words in 1955 HERE at Wikipedia. So, Beechwood  4-5789 became 867-5309.  🙂

Or if you miss ACTUALLY “dialing” a phone (not tapping or SIRI a call) – you can load an app – it’s hilarious – you actually forget how long it takes for the 9 number to spin/rotate ALL THE WAY around and rotate back before you can start to dial the next umber.

BTW, the whole hand gesture of folding your two middle fingers to mime making a phone call makes no sense anymore.

Though apparently, with an iPhone, you can travel back in time as this woman did to 1928 (see for yourself).  😆

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