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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Racers 2018 Summer “New Numbering” Checklist

There seems to be a lot of MINI RACERS products shipping, 3-packs,, bagged singles and the 15-pack is back also … for 2018, they replaced the 2017 numbering checklist with an entirely new one … there are at least 43 diecasts shown but only 32 assigned numbers. This updated chart shows the assigned numbers and the 12 below without a number assigned yet but since 9 of 12 are RS townies or main characters – they probably fill out most of the missing 9 but no point in guessing.

Happy collecting!

Thanks “Bec G,” “Paul R./PaulMartStore USA” and “GetMeCollectibles” for initialing compiling this info.

Sorry, this is not very print friendly (you can open it in a PDF reader and mark it up that way).

This checklist sponsored by the BROWN INKJET CONSORTIUM which says you should always print out giant blocks of brown.

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