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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Brian Spark, The Leak Less launcher Will Play

Thanks, “John H.” for the great pics.

Replaces CARS 1 Claude Scruggs.

Definitely an upgrade to the paint scheme design.

The CARS 3 Piston Cup racer. Brian Sparks only available with the launcher.


With Crew Chief & Pitty’s. Leak Less strangely got a green tint after his initial release – but his pit crew kept the original yellow …

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  • Mapplesoft says:

    The paintjob on Spark is much nicer than Scruggs. The price is absurd though- $9.97 for a car and a piece of plastic, when most of us just want the car! Before Toys R Us went out of business I picked up Gasprin and Leak Less launchers at 30% off, which was nice. I wish I could’ve found a Blinkr launcher at TRU for that price but he seems to be MIA.

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