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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Toys R Us EU Warehouse Find

Thanks “Nico A” for the nice pics …

At least in Europe, the TRU’s that are closing means they are REALLY, REALLY cleaning out the warehouses …

It’s weird the cards are this damaged. I could see crushed bubbles if this box/bin/dump was accidentally stacked under a box of anvils but torn but & scratched? Probably consolidated from a bunch of damaged stock from various stores?

So, at least if you’re an opener and missing a few, the even dropped the price from €7.99 to €2.99 so collect ’em all.

I thought we might see some of these in the US but none like this by me. One ore week here in the US before the giraffe is done.


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  • Mapplesoft says:

    Do you know where specifically this store is? I have family travelling in Europe, maybe they can stop in and pick some up for me.

    (MET: Loos like we have 2 reports from Germany – not sure if their stores are closing by June 30?)

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