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Toys R Us HQ Liquidation – Dream Halloween “Red Ransburg” CAR?

Thanks for the heads up, “Tiz.”

TRU HQ is starting to sell off whats in the office …

You can read more at Business Insider.

If you happen to be in Wayne, NJ, you might want to pop over and take a look as the DREAM Halloween Red Ransburg Lightning McQueen & display was last seen there in the lobby. Is it still there? YOU tell us. 🙂

This is technically the rarest of CARS diecast – ONLY ONE was ever created fir this 2007 charity auction.

All of the 69 diecasts in this set have been/had already been released leaving only the “Red Ranburg,” as literally ONE OF A KIND.

If you’re confused by which “Red Rasnurg” this is? Read our post HERE and HERE.

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