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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: 2018 Roscoe Deluxe Up-Sized & Corrected

Thanks for the heads up and photos, “Mad Mel.”

In a surprising move, Roscoe the Thunder Hollow Demo Derby racetrack promoter/boss has been up-sized and corrected.

The 2017 Roscoe single was nice but he was a tad small…

Scale/size from film next to Lightning McQueen (as Chester Whipplefilter).

He also should’ve also had a white camper shell and not green.

So, he’s been up-sized, right-sized & color corrected (left) to a Deluxe release. 2017 single Roscoe on right.

Disney Store Roscoe, nicely done also but definitely 1:43 in scale and not 1:55. New Mattel Deluxe (center) and old 2017 single version Roscoe (right)

Now they have right-sized Roscoe, maybe the same body blue pickup (without the camper shell) will be released.


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