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Mattel Disney Animation – One of Our Planes is Missing

Thanks for the heads up, “John H.”

It looks like the PLANES Diecast URL is a re-direct now.

Not a huge surprise as we haven’t heard much of a peep  for a while.

PLANES & PLANES: FRE & RESCUE served a purpose – making money towards the end of the Summer theatrical window but that world has changed now. Disney is basically only releasing films that makes a BILLION or TWO BILLION dollars – nice if you can get it. So, unless the dynamics of the theatrical business changes again, Disney is not going to invest the money and time in releasing a mid-tier property in the theaters anymore … BUT in 2019, Disney is launching a DisneyFlix streaming service.

Besides the obvious exclusive availability of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar movies … “On the TV side the inaugural streaming site slate includes High School Musical, an animated Monsters Inc series; a Marvel live-action title, and a Star Wars-branded title.”

You can read more at Deadline Hollywood.

So, while there’s nothing about PLANES or CARS original content in 2019, after that? It sounds like a natural fit. There won’t be the pressure that it has to make $500-$900 million for it to be successful, just that it offers content people want to see as part of a package they are happy to pay $5 to $10 dollars a month ,,, and of course, encourage you to buy diecasts, bedspreads and -shirts.

Maybe that is what Disney is saving “TO PROTECT AND SERVE” FOR?

Maybe even get a CARS 4? A PLANES 3?

You can read more at The Street.

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