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Banned From a Hotel – Please Forgive Me …

Real life beats any movie – you cannot make this up …

From Nick Burchill …

“Dear Empress Hotel:
This may seem like and unusual request, but I write to you today, seeking a “pardon”.

17 Years ago a string of unfortunate events led to my being banned from your hotel. I would like to explain the incident……

In 2001, I had recently joined my current employer, xxxxxxxxx and I was also in the Canadian Naval Reserve. xxxxxxxxx was hosting a customer conference at the Empress and it was my first event with the company.

I told my Navy buddies that I was coming out West and I was asked to bring “Brother’s Pepperoni” from Halifax. It is a local delicacy. Because this was the Navy we were talking about, I brought enough for a ship. In a hurry, I had completely filled a suitcase with pepperoni for my friends. Some of it was wrapped in plastic, some in brown paper. I took whatever Brothers would sell me.

This is the bag that the airline misplaced.”

Read the rest at his FB page HERE.

There is NO WAY anyone will guess not only what happens but what happens after that. 🙂

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