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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2018 Piston Cup Racers Start to Pull In

Thanks, “Samuel K” for the great photos.

A nice look at 4 of the new Piston Cup racers from CARS 3.

Dino Draftsky – Clutch Aid – one of the few sponsor redesigned that I don’t think is as good as his look from CARS 1.

Rev Roadages – Vinyl Toupee – a more modern look – no as much fun as the old Vinyl Toupee – the older Vinyl Toupee logo also looked nicer.

Markus Krankzler – Transberry Juice, I like the updated look.

Lee Revkins – Transberry Juice, Lee was one of the CARS 1 Piston Cup racers that did not get re-released in the past few years so hes finally made the flat windshield re-release.

He was replaced by Marcus above in CARS 3 but was quickly replaced by Bubba Wheelhouse, the Next Gen Transberry Juice. 

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