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Disney Pixar CARS: 1:1 Scale Reader Cars

Our friend in MN has converted his fabulous Lotus Else to a Fabulous Lightning McQueen.

Wow. With matching eye shade/brows! That deep blue looks great as a diecast and even better on a real car. Rims are great also.

Very cool. And I received permission to reveal the license plate – which is perfect! A true fan!

“Mad Mel” who does all those great customs has a couple great rides also. The very cool  1966 Dodge A100 Sportsman van. I love old cars that were just a rectangular block of metal. So, wave at Dusty when he drives by – “Mad Mel” says the engine and transmission works fine – but the brakes do not so if he’s waving back at you, he’s probably just telling you to GET OUT OF THE WAY and his 4-ton rectangle block of steel will probably crush your plastic body parts. 🙂

Roof is Rust-Eze authentic. 🙂

And a cool Checker – which I’ve only seen in yellow and black – did people actually drive these on the streets (besides as taxi’s?)

And just for fun, the cool Dodge Corvair pickup with a side ramp – not “Mad Mel’s” – just a fun variant.


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9 May 2018 Disney Pixar CARS One Comment

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