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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2018 Frank the Combine Shrinking Variant

Thanks, jrodder86 of Disney Cars Diecast Club for the heads up and detailed photos.

The big news appears to be that Frank may be up to 1/4″ smaller … Old Frank is SLIGHTLY larger. without being able to take exact measurements I would guess old Frank is about 1/4″ wider and 1/4″ longer but appears to be about the same height.”

There are also some production changes that otherwise might fall under the minor variant but along with the size/mold change, there are too maybn other changes to not call it a variant.

“Colors are slightly different, The pin used to hold his roller is larger on the new version, The tires appear slightly wider, The eyes appear to be more detailed and have less paint over spray on them, The tires have less paint on them, The body has a more prominent paint speckle pattern on it, The body appears to be slightly more glossy, The tiller bar in front has a lot more detail on the older version, Face appears larger on the older version/eyes are bigger, His nose appears to be higher on the newer version.”

Photos courtesy of  Disney Cars Diecast Club.

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