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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Working on a Mystery Case – Accessory Card + Mini Poster Cards

“BMW” spotted the last-minute-to-the-dance cards …

What is the Case Code?

I thought it might be case W but as “BMW” sent along pics, the W Case – even though it has a end of alphabet case code actually came out in Spring – the Kmart CARS Day case …

So, we’re still looking into to lock down the CASE code, we have our top investigators working on it – we will leave no clue unturned, even if we have to step into the … Danger Zone.

“Michael VN” sends along pics of what he thinks is the complete set of “CSign Accessory + Mini Poster” snipe cards … I presume it matches CASE T since the sign accessory is done, the posters are done, all they need are new cards which are easy to modify.

So for card completists, once more into the breach.

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