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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: A Last Minute Singles Card Case Mystery

Thanks “BMW” for the heads up & photos.

Since CASE H through Z (missing CASE codes M & Case W), we’ve had the same mix of about 40 releases on regular cards, with mini poster snipe cards and with the mini card stand accessory … with “twin” versions of the case with two other card versions … but now we have one more in the mix.

A card with BOTH a mini-poster snipe AND a sign card accessory snipe.

BMW spotted these at Target? Another Target exclusive case?

The only letters missing from what I’ e seen are CASE M and CASE W … since it’s twordas the end of the year, CASE W seems the most lightly answer?

What’s in the rest of the case? Well, the most likely answer is it matches CASE T since they would have to create no new cards, simply slip a poster underneath and change out the snipe on the card?

If you spot any, drop us a line.

Our chart from an older post …

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