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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Retail Issues 2017 – Tell Us

The other day, “penquintom” summed up his frustrating year of shopping for CARS 3 … if you would care to chime in, leave your comments below or if you want to, you can email it to us at metroxing (at) gmail.com, we’ll look for someone to forward them to …

Yep, the weird international cards makes an appearance.

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  • SPK65 says:

    No Walmart pallet drop in Southern Cal area that I found and still searching for Jocko Flocko Mack. Pretty slim at retail with usually the same old stuff being found. There should have been an abundance of CARS especially during Christmas and with the film being released!

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      I’m not a collector of any castings other than Cars, The Original. However, it is interesting Jocko Flocko has an asking price of $89 on Amazon, and, its been sitting at the Union Avenue Walmart in Tacoma, WA with no takers.

  • BMW says:

    It took a while but finally one Target here got the Case T. I think it was supposed to be out in August 2017. This is the one where packages come with bonus collector card and stand. I found it in early December. Thank goodness for Target, as Walmart has been dry since the pallet drop.

  • gah5 says:

    same issues here in Qz have seen new issues here for months…pegs still loaded with Lightning, Ponchy & Mater, and Red and Lugsworth in deluxe

  • tzdtmm says:

    I know I’ll sound pretty negative here, but May 2017 was great, and then the leftovers killed us. The pallet drop in Walmart in November was great, tons of Demo Derby cars, Mr Drippy, etc.
    They just layed it on too thick in May, the extra singles and 2 packs and Mack and Tiny Lugsworth clogged everything. Walmart by me is especially jammed with extra Herb Curbler and Sarge and Ponchy and a few other racers. Case A was just too heavy.

    John V.

    • PCC says:

      That’s pretty much it. Retailers ordered way too much Case A singles, deluxe, and two-packs, and those clogged the pegs for months. Even now, some stores around me never got some of the later cases. But I personally can’t complain; I’ve been pretty lucky and am only missing a few.

  • quercy says:

    So we have a chance to see Stu, Blimp and Floko :-)))

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