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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Mad Mel’s Game On Customs

Thanks for the nice photos of your customs, “Mad Mel.”

He’s already completed a nice announcer character from the Thunder Hollow Derby race …

Very cool – we don’t know his name yet or if he’ll get a release …

He also is starting on “Faregate,” plastic on below.

He started out with a Cigalert … which is the same sedan.

Looks pretty cool all Zamack-ish.

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19 December 2017 Disney Pixar CARS 3 5 Comments


  • Mad Mel says:

    Surprised to see this posted. I am still working on my custom Faregame and Thunder Hollow MC. The car I used for Faregame is #12, “High Impact,” the orange one with green stripes. If you look closely it seems to be the same car, and it even has matching dents and wheel well notches as on the plastic “Crazy 8 Crasher. I modified the plastic one, removing the center wheel and freeing up the four wheels. It turned out to be bigger than diecast versions, so thats why I went with High Impact. Using a jewelers saw, I cut off the rear bumper, then was able to cut under the trunk, then sawed the trunk. Used a dremel to grind along desired bend. I’m using the plastic version as the basis for the mods. I’ll send updated pics to the moderator. As for the Thunder Hollow MC, I’ve been working on his door labels as I couldnt save the originals. Thanks for the positive comments. I bet Mattel will produce a metal one before mine is done, but it’s just fun for me.

  • TTFN says:

    Not sure how he got High Impact’s trunk crumpled in the diecast but I’m impressed. I’m tempted to think he cut the trunk off another car but I can’t figure out which it might be.

  • RCcars5 says:

    I think you have some of your names mixed up. It’s “Faregame,” and like TTFN said, that’s not Cigalert. It’s High Impact’s body.

  • TTFN says:

    It says above that he started out with Cigalert but it certainly looks more like High Impact to me.

  • MackDaddy says:

    Incredible work! 😯

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