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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: 2018 Singles on Card Preview

Thanks “David V.” for the heads up.

The 2018 singles card design returns to the “themes” motif.

The screenshot is back on the card front.

Now we can guess what probably happened with the 2017 cards – when they started diecast production, Pixar either hadn’t finalized every car design for the card screenshot (weird if some did not have screenshots) or they wanted the flexibility to make changes so the card design was generic –  but now that we know what every character looks like, not as much of a mystery required.

Nice upgrade.

There is a new product code for singles so Target will EOL (End of Line) and clearance the current singles pretty quickly. Walmart generally takes a little more time and Toys R Us might discount the 2017 card diecasts  until 2020.

For those just joining us, 2018 (or the next year) in toy-world begins in mid-November – and not the calendar year.

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