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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Target Singles P Case & R Case Spotting (No Posters)

Many Target Stores have gotten the P Case but the R Case is just arriving. Seeing all (if you’re lucky) or some left on the pegs will help you figure out what case your store received. Neither have Posters included with the diecast.

Target P Case

Piston Cup racers.

CARS 3 diecasts.


The Target-only R case.

Target only as it includes the Rust-Eze Racing Center Lightning. This case wil e asy to spot with the cool and nice looking Next Gen Racers, Chase, Ryan and Bubba.

Demo Derby diecasts plus the regular Rust-Eze Lightning which some people might miss thinking it’s just regular Lightning. Also the longer bed Smokey plus a matte Chester Whipplefilter variant.

And a VERY RARE case without a regular Lightning McQueen.

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