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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Piston Cup Racers CARS & CARS 3 Checklist UPDATE

The Piston Cup Racers CARS & CARS 3 Checklist has been updated. I did not include the NEXT GEN CARS 3 racers since there’s not a lot out yet.

MSOS is the Motor Speedway of the South set from 2008 – the only official release of the Apple CAR.

Mainline indicates a release with plastic tires either as a single or some other format (box set, launchers, etc …)

Rubber tire are from the various “Kmart CARS Days,” with ONLY the Apple CAR and the mainline smiling Dale Earnhardt Jr. NOT available as a rubber tire release.

Lenticular are the releases with the lenticular moving eyes/eyelids.

Flat Windshields – in the past few years, the racers were re-released with flat windshields/eyelids – variants from the original releases with raised ,metal eyelids.

CARS 3 listings show the sponsors carried over (or new) in the old “CARS 1 film style racers,” who were then replaced with the Next Gen racers (not shown since only so few have been released as such).

Yes, there’s a “new” Chick (with Headset) but he’s no longer sponsored by HTB now so his CARS 3 look is not included.

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  • TTFN says:

    Shouldn’t Rust-eze have 2 vehicles listed in the Cars 3 column? I.e., Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez.

    (MET: When the chart was made, the Rust-eze Cruz diecast was not revealed yet)

  • laurzie12 says:

    what does MSOS mean? The apple car is made in China right, not a real Cars3 car?

    (MET: From the Motor Speedway of the South – the only time the car has officially ever been released – each column shows the release of that sponsor – minor/variants from 2006 to 2016 – some sponsors returned for CARS 3 – I’ll update the post – sorry!)

  • tzdtmm says:

    Just a FYI, I found a flat windshield Cars 1 Gask-Its at a Meijers store by my house last July, with pit stop barrier, Movie Moments.

    The package was ripped almost in half but bought it anyways since Cars 1 Gask-Its was always a tough one to find, and needed that one

    for the collection!

    -John V.

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