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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Racer Launchers are Back – Floyd Mulvihill Gasprin

Thanks “jrodder86” for the heads up.

It looks like Piston Cup racers with launchers are back.

Gasprin Floyd Mulvihill with Launcher.

This is the only one listed on Amazon – clearly an early photo showing all the international names – the other language words are cooler than the English word, “Launcher.” LANCADOR is much cooler. 🙂

This is our first look at CARS 3 Gasprin – Floyd Mulvihill. His name is a carry over from CARS 1.

The launcher is a lot alike the last one for CARS 2 WGP racers though they replaced the plastic Pitty with a Tool Chest (not removeable). Unlike the previous launchers, there does not seem to be a “hook” piece on either side to let you link them together.

Press down on the tool chest to launch.

Bring on the crew chiefs and Pitty’s!

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