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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Deluxe Stu Scattershields Preview

Thanks for the nice pics, “Jrodder86.”

Stu Scattershields – nicely designed with some assembly required.

This way they could keep it full sized – NICE! Presumably one good snap is all it takes.

Hope it shows up on the pegs soon.

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  • John says:

    We got ours from Amazon. Met never posted the photos we sent him.

  • loics says:

    has it been spotted in the US yet? There is one ebay listing in France, one in the UK

  • laurzie12 says:

    So I am guessing this one wont be 1:55, just Deluxe?

    (MET: The Deluxe line is technically 1:55 in scale – technically, it just means it’s 1/55th the size of the original so while Mater is larger than Guido, both are 1:55 since a 1950’s US pickup/tow truck is much larger in real life than a 1950’s Fiat 500 though both share the road …

    BUT, toy makers use scale” simply to denote the size of most of the lineup … for instance, in CARS, the Lightyear Blimp is a Deluxe but about the size of the longest diecast in the CARS lineup but in real life, a blimp is 200+ feet, clearly dwarfing a typical automobile at about 16-20 feet long so while it’s in a 1:55 scale lineup, it’s really not 1:55 … or Mattel sells Star Trek spaceship at about 4″ long and calls it 1:50 scale but clearly the ships are intended to be longer than about 25 feet in “real life.”)

  • MackDaddy says:

    Nice! Looks like a International card. 🙁 Hope I can find one in the wild.

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