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Disney Pixar CARS 3: Jada 1:24 Mack-Trailer & Lightning-Storm

Thanks “Celso S.” and “Fabian S.” for the great pics.

Costco exclusive – $29.99 each.

If you want the Mack, better hurry – they seem to be selling a lot faster than the 2-pack of Lightning & Storm. One Costco I went to was down to two Mack’s – both beat up boxes.

Yes, only the cab is diecast, the trailer is plastic, otherwise, it might weigh 60-lbs.

If you wait to buy this later on eBay, shipping will probably be $50 because not only is it HUGE, it’s heavy.

These two sets are available online now (thanks “jrodder86″ for the heads up) – with free shipping – nice as they are huge and heavy. Non-Costco members pay 5% extra.

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