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Toys R Us – Today We Play

Toys R Us – 2017 Reboot …

“Toys R Us will set up “play labs” in 42 stores, send vans filled with toys to college campuses, and erect a giant Etch-A-Sketch toy at a New York subway station as part of a new ad and re-branding campaign called “Today we play.

Toys R Us’ temporary store in New York’s Times Square has one of the first play labs in the country, and the play spaces will be set up in a total of 42 stores around the country. The locations of the labs have not been released.”

You can read more at NorthNJ.com.
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29 September 2017 Toys One Comment

One Comment

  • Micky says:

    “Today We Play” also known as “Tomorrow You Pay”. Maybe if they lowered their prices to be more competitive with the other major retail stores, they’d sell more. I’m just sayin’.

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