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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Holler for Thunder Hollow (the Box Set)

Thanks “John H.” for the great photos.

Thunder Hollow 5-Pack (Walmart exclusive)


Nice the other side is not a clone design.

Fun details.

Carfax? You don’t need that – you have my personal garron-tee this is in showroom quality. It only looks misaligned  ’cause the Sun is casting a shadow.

What’s brilliant is it rolls perfectly fine – slightly askew as expected but that’s realistic and what you want – excellently done!

Fishtail – ready for flood season.

Cruz Ramirez as Francis Beltline.

Great looking mud.


CAR 54, we know who fought the law and LOST.

ALL solid diecast metal – they look “vinylly” but they are diecast metal.

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  • Dickbaer says:

    T-Bone is one of the funniest Cars die casts in my eyes. Even the whole demolition racer line is simply great.
    Saw Cars 3 yesterday in movie theatre because it was the start here in Germany.

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