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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Whipplefilter! Lightning Variant!

Thanks for the headsup and photos, “Samuel K.”

Thanks “John H.” for additional photos of Chester Whipplefilter.

The new Demo Derby Chester Whipplefilter is more than just a variant with rubber tires and tow metal barrels aflame ,..

His eyelids are higher up on his right – “bracing for a collision.”

The right side – on card – compared to the one from the box set (which is the same as the other releases).

Or as you might’ve shouted as i did in the aisle, “Eye, he is different.”

Maybe that was just me.

In addition to the box set release on the left above, below is the 2-pack release which is the same as the single release also.

As you can see, more wide open eyelids.

Guido is a different VERSION on the 2-pack (called Guido with cloth).

Box set version below – same as single and 2-pack …

You have been whipplefiltered!

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