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Toys R Us Bankruptcy Filing

It’s official. Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy.

“The company emphasized that its roughly 1,600 locations will remain open and it will continue to work with suppliers to make sure its shelves remain well-stocked with games, gadgets, and other toys.

The company made the filing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District in Richmond, Va. Its Canadian subsidiary plans to make a similar petition in Ontario Superior Court.”

The main question for us CARS & Toy buyers is what inventory will look like going forward?

Will Amazon step in to totally replace TRU?

What will happen to the Radiator Springs Classic line that is an exclusive to TRU but so far, very limited inventory.

If you’re a legal beagle, all the details are HERE. Wonder what “Giraffe Holdings, LLC” does exactly?

You can read more at USA Today.


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19 September 2017 Toys One Comment

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