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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: More Mini’s are Coming Every Which Way But Loose

The Mattel Mini’s are very nicely done and DIECAST METAL – very nice (make sure it has the Mattel logo, there is a MINI series that is PLASTIC from THINKWAY).

The checklist of what’s out so far is HERE.

There is a launcher & ramp coming …

It snaps onto your belt?

No photos yet but there are TWO 15-packs coming, one a Target exclusive so there should be a mini Rust-Eze racing Center Lightning? The other one has 2 exclusives.

There is also a 5-pack coming.

There is also a 5-pack coming with a MINI Mack – maybe like the Travel 5-Pack hopefully with Lightning as Chester Whipplefilter, Luigi, Guido and “Frances Beltline” Cruz?

AND presumably there are the demolition derby Thunder Hollow damaged CARS coming as there is a Mini Crazy 8 track set.

So, collect ’em all?

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  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    So, to my knowledge-Target and Target.com have only sold the plastic minis by Thinkway. Are we sure the 15-packs will be the Mattel diecast minis and NOT the plastic ones? The metal ones are the way to go, for sure…cheaper AND functional but will Target sell both types of blind bags, and if so, why haven’t they done it yet?

    (MET: Yes, this time Mattel is ONLY making the diecast METAL Mini’s which is great – as long as you turn it over and see the Mattel logo, you are fine – yes, the bag design is very similar but Mattel is not making any plastic Mini’s – the 15-packs are listed as Mattel products as is everything listed in this post – just stay away from the THINKWAY/THINK TOYS ones).

  • shaunnydee says:

    The only place in Aus that get these are Woolworths Supermarket.
    They have gotten in the new Series 2 box but 90% is series 1… I have only found #13 and #14 (Fabulous McQueen & Florida Ramone) I have checked multiple stores and they are all the same, series 2 box, only 2 series 2 cars 🙁
    Hopefully the 2 15 packs aren’t all the same cars, I don’t need multiple multiples

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