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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: More Mini’s are Coming Every Which Way But Loose

The Mattel Mini’s are very nicely done and DIECAST METAL – very nice (make sure it has the Mattel logo, there is a MINI series that is PLASTIC from THINKWAY).

The checklist of what’s out so far is HERE.

There is a launcher & ramp coming …

It snaps onto your belt?

No photos yet but there are TWO 15-packs coming, one a Target exclusive so there should be a mini Rust-Eze racing Center Lightning? The other one has 2 exclusives.

There is also a 5-pack coming.

There is also a 5-pack coming with a MINI Mack – maybe like the Travel 5-Pack hopefully with Lightning as Chester Whipplefilter, Luigi, Guido and “Frances Beltline” Cruz?

AND presumably there are the demolition derby Thunder Hollow damaged CARS coming as there is a Mini Crazy 8 track set.

So, collect ’em all?

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