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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Diecast Mini’s Checklist

The Mattel Mini’s are very nicely done and DIECAST METAL – very nice (make sure it has the Mattel logo, there is a MINI series that is PLASTIC from THINKWAY).

There are 17 out – with 6 more shown on the box – so presumably they are #18 to #23.

They didn’t show #14 Fabulous Lightning McQueen on the box since that look was not revealed until the movie … and I was too lazy to take an extra photo. 🙂

#18 – #24 the code numbers are a guess – we can presume those are the next 6 coming as they are pictured on the box.

The nice thing is while they are in “blind bags,” the number is clearly on the back of the bag so they are also easy to collect without you ending up extras or requiring you to feel a bag. The numbers after the slash are the product numbers.

More MINI’s coming – see tomorrow’s post!

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  • fujijyu says:

    I have completed the full set and found out the number is not same as this post, here is my car list for sharing.

    01 Lightning McQueen
    02 Chick Hicks
    03 Doc Hudson
    04 Cruz Ramirez (Trainer)
    05 Mater
    06 Cal Weathers
    07 Sheriff
    08 Luigi
    09 Murray Clutchburn
    10 Jackson Storm
    11 Ramon (Purple)
    12 Natalie Certain

    13 Florida Ramone
    14 Fabulous Lightning McQueen
    15 Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
    16 Arvy
    17 Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    18 Sarge
    19 River Scott
    20 Dr.Damage
    21 Tim Treadless
    22 Louise Nash
    23 Danny Swervez
    24 Smokey

    (MET: I didn’t know what CAR was actually assigned to #19-24, just that they were the ones coming – thx for the update!).

  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    Seems to me the “second wave” boxes I have seen were virtually full-yet only contained bags #1-14, so as far as I can tell, 15-17 is a small wave 3, but has anyone actually seen these in the wild, other than for a premium on ebay? krogers, walgreens, and kohls are the only places i find them while target, toys r us, and just recently, walmart carry the useless plastic ones. Just fished through over 300 bags at krogers that were all #1-8, would love for wave 4 to PLEASE be a box of minis #15-24 instead of 30 more #1-8?

  • RCcars5 says:

    #14 is actually Fabulous Lightning McQueen, not Hudson Hornet. You have it right on the list, but when you mentioned it again, you said Hudson Hornet.

    (MET: Whoops, fixed).

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