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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Super Chase Change + New Diecasts

Thanks for the heads up, “John H.”

There have been some changes to the diecasts. It looks like the two Super Chase’s has been changed from “Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline” to just the ambulance, “Morgan Martins”

Newly added to the COMING list … Patty.

Mack as Jocko Flocko Cab (separate from the Hauler).

And presumably a 2-pack of “clean” old time Smokey with “dirty” Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet (available as a single).

The Jeff Gorvette in the 2-pack with King sports his CARS 3 look.


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  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    hey Met, this may be a bit off the post but for us here in New Zealand our local Warehouse stocked the shelves with new batch of Cars 3 singles. Namely Cruz Rameriz(Yellow), Fabulous Dirt Track Hudson Hornet, Fabulous Lightning McQueen(Epilogue McQueen?),Tow Cap #4,Lil Torquey Pistons #117, Cigalert and Taco…all 30% off as well. Bring it on Mr.Warehouse!
    The latest on-line mailer from Toyworld listing Deluxe Alexis Wheelson, Craig Faster and Finn McMissile with Breather…50% off…Cheaper than China!…”Hot snot Guido its time” to get yourself a good deal. You too Mr.Toyworld.
    Go Kiwi.

  • BMW says:

    Where is this information coming from?

    • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

      In the short two years span that I have visited the T5 website, I have found the info John H provides to be fairly rock solid. He has shared with us everything from “prototype” pics, to “advance release” pics and everything in between. I suspect he’s a Mattel-insider who has a passion for collecting himself and also appreciates/has an affinity for the rest of us who “gotta have ’em all”.

      With that being said, I will add that the CARS page from mattel’s website has finally been updated to include recent releases-which I think is the first time since May-Day, when the CARS 3 line hit stores! The “want it/have it” tracker now FINALLY includes and reflects Tow-Cap, Lil Torquey, Gaskits, Mood Springs, N20 Cola, Taco, Cigalert, Dr. Damage, Frances Beltline, and Fabulous LmQ.

      Everything pictured in the post here is also included on the “tracker” and even the Rusteze Cruz Ramirez diecast has been included as coming soon. I don’t recall if Patty, Morgan, Jocko and the two packs were on the original tracker, but they were all on the original Cars 3 Poster released, and in the forms we expect to see them (morgan as superchase).

      Interestingly enough, despite the editing that was done to make the tracker page current, (including the recent announcement of rusteze cruz) the site still lists Cruz as Frances as both a standard AND a superchase release…so I’m hoping that at least for that one, John H is wrong-and perhaps we will still see the SC version. *fingers crossed*

  • quercy says:

    Was there a flash moment in Cars 3 where Jeff Gorvette with flames paint scheme and WORLD GRAND PRIX on spoiler show up ??? I thought Cars 2 references were inexistent in Cars 3 !!! If not why this version would come out under Cars 3 banner ???

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      Jeff Gorvette was very briefly seen in Pit Road giving an interview to a reporter at the beginning of the final race in Cars 3. I don’t recall exactly how he appeared (design or paint), but he did have one line of dialog.

      • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

        Yea, I don’t believe we were given a closeup of his paintjob, but his single line in the film did come before the final race, the Florida 500. Not sure, but I think the exact words he shouted out to LmQ were “Win one for us old guys!” LoL

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