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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Cruz as Frances Beltline

There are two Cruz Ramirez as “Frances Beltline’ diecasts originally scheduled.

The main difference seems to be the design of the #20.

The left “Super Chase” one has the “spray painted number” #20 and the one on the right has the appearance of a “duct taped” #20.

The left one is called “Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline” and the one on the right is called “Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline”

“John H.” sends along this Amazon offering which seems to resemble the Super Chase release BUT not on a Super Chase card – instead it offers a poster and says nothing about it being a Super Chase.

This “spray paint” look seems to match the “Super Chase” preview from the poster.*

At the Thunder Hollow race, she gets assigned a number, a Pitty spray paints a #20 on either side of her.

She does not have a chance to paint it over as she shows up at the Thomasville dirt track.

Later, they modified her muffler and added the “bolt” to her side and the words STORM to her back (presumably with duct tape) but she NEVER gets a #20 in duct tape. Probably an early design that Mattel worked on?

She holds this look at the race and was sent away sporting this look.

Whe she comes back, she gets a Ramone paint job – coming as a diecast, Rust-Eze Cruz Ramirez.

So, there appears to be no DUCT TAPE Cruz in the movie unless I missed it?

*So, did we lose “Cruz Ramirez as Crazy 8 Frances Beltline” as a Super Chase? Based on the card, yes.

Will we still get the DUCT TAPE “Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline” even though that look never appears in the film? Or is that just a prototype photo of an now non-existent release?

Will you spend 6X the cost (it’s now at $23) to find out early if the card is wrong? If the stock open photos are wrong?

What is happening?


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  • planetjak says:

    I picked up the spray paint version while on vacation in Italy. There were enough available and no special markings both which suggest this version is not a Super Chase. Here’s a picture of what I got though the packaging got damaged in transit.


  • tzdtmm says:

    Seems like the Super Chase packaging just got stealthier, so you have to know what you’re looking for, vs. just looking for a Super Chase logo?

    -John V.

    (MET: Fr CARS diecasts, Chase and the Super Chases are marked as such – otherwise they are not … though some are accidental limited releases that might number less than CHASES).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I’m thinking the duct tape version seen on the poster is simply a “stand-in” for the actual diecast artwork with the “S” flash, spoiler, and “Storm” version of the diecast — showing it as it appears in the movie would have given away plot before the movie opened.

    So two versions will be made, the first one that has been released with mud and the spray painted #20; and the second one with all the duct tape and spoiler, where the 20 now represents Storm’s ‘2.0’ artwork.

  • 79nitroade30 says:

    I’m hoping its the duct tape lightning bolt on the side. Then later down the road make the 95 Ramirez. I want both!!

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