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Disney Pixar CARS 3: Jada 1:24 with Tires Buying Guide & Checklist

Jada has done a great job with the CARS 3 diecasts. They only cost a few dollars more with the tires & tires rack so why not just collect those?

At ToyFair, they showed off Mack with a trailer so I’m holding out for that one.

Amazon only has some of the releases without the tire rack.

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  • Mike Manifold says:

    Hi Met and Cars fans new and old,

    Mike here. I was active on this forum and trading/selling until I kicked the habit in 2011 or 2012. Due to having to pay an incredible health care expense, I need to sell of all of my unopened Cars and Cars 2 stuff from 2008 through the first or second year of Cars 2 releases. My question is: what is the best way to sell Cars nowadays? It doesn’t look like the T5AD forum is being used much. eBay doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble, based on the re-sell values I’m seeing, and apparently there was some sort of fraud on a Facebook trading group within the past few years. Do I sell each car individually on eBay, try to sell the whole collection on eBay or Amazon marketplace for a local pickup, or is there some other way? I’d really like to at least recoup my cost, but it appears that some cars have possibly dropped in value to like $1 to $3 per car. Thanks for any advice you may have for me
    ~ Mike “Manifold” in Chicagoland, Illinois.

    (MET: Sorry to hear it. Send me some pics, I can do a post to see if anyone is interested).

    • quercy says:

      Terribly sorry to read that…. Yes health is the most important thing in the world… I have noticed throughout the years, complete set or series or categories are selling pretty well on eBay. Selling individually will be a very exhaustive job (additional eBay fees and several shipping cost) and the results will be not very good if the intent is to sell all of them… only the most valuables one will go fast, the rest will wait for a very long time. You will need to be patient to sell a complete year even at a very fair price. Try to break it down to interesting sets or lots including at least one or two rare/exclusive/valuable items. Hope this can help. Whist you all the best. Let us know when you start publishing, we may be able to give you some additional advise on your auctions to sell quickly…

      • Mike Manifold says:

        I really really appreciate the advice, Quercy! Now I have some work to do to catalog, group together, grade, and photograph; but not as much work as it was driving around trying to find these in the first place – ha ha.

    • Mike Manifold says:

      Thank you, Met! I will do. Can you send me a forum message with your email address? I lost it.

      (MET: metroxing (at) gmail.com)

  • PAUL says:

    Dinoco Mcqueen with or without tires is missing and also the d23 Cruz Ramirez Gold has not been announced yet. Originally with Tires/ Oil cans were suppose to be retail only, and without was a hobby release. Both retail had hobby resellers can get both. Cruz with tires, has been held back for now, no updated information on when it will be shipped. I am a distributor for Jada and have most of them in stock at this point in time. Check out website at

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