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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Piston Cup Racers with Accessory Trophy

Thanks for the early preview pics, “Carl P.”

Many of the Piston Cup racers will come in a release version with a trophy.

Technically, they are listed as ‘with accessory” but presumably they will all come with a trophy. That checklist won’t come out until the movie has open – don’t want to spoil. 🙂

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  • quercy says:

    I noticed the trophy says PISTON CUP CHAMPION for both. In the past McQueen and Chick Hicks were having their name on the trophy…

    • kachow95 says:

      I remember those. on Sunday seen 2 error listings. the king but trophy says chick hicks. Same seller has the chick hicks but with The king trophy. Seemed kinda fishy but he probably did score both error packs in the same case.

      • Dunroamin says:

        not fishy, those errors do exist…i have them…were pretty common too…
        Anyone who collected that long ago can confirm…
        I’m one of the few that were a HUGE fan of the lenticular line…though these were non-lenticular CHASE cars in lenticular waves

        • kachow95 says:

          copy that. after i saw the listing on ebay, i went to my kid’s room to check out if his were errors as well, but no. On Saturday, I did come across a Holly shiftwell but with a Lightning Mcqueen with racing wheel description. That’s the only one i have.

    • BMW says:

      Quercy: The Trophy has Jackson Storm on it.

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