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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Hanks for the Memories & Ponchy’s Crew is Punchy

Thanks, “John H. For the updated photos.

Apparently new cases of CAL WEATHERS are arriving and his name above the door – CORRECTED. Hank Weathers, we hardly knew ye.

So if you want the variant single of CAL as HANK, better hurry.

Ponchy Wipeout – already an error  with his black windshield/eyelids.

But his crew has some serious problems – as they have randomly used Leak Less’ rims … so he comes with black eyelids and black rims AND black eyelids and green rims.

Collect ’em all.

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  • Refriedbeans says:

    I’m glad they’ve fixed Cal because the one in my 11 pack is all kinds of bad, but the rest in the box looked good so I got it (Bobby is bad too but they were all terrible)

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