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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: New in Stores – New To You – Knew You When

Case 988R 2017 finally seems to be hitting stores. You can spot them as they are missing the APP STORE snipe and they read © 2016.

There are two new CARS – Wimar Flatz, it’s first ever release with fixed eyes (previously only a lenticular) and Petro Cartalina – released in Europe only as a 2-pack so in ether case, new as a single and new to most CARS collectors.

Alloy Hemberger, first release as a single (previously only in a box set), Lil’ Torquey Piston, first release with the flat windshield and PT Flea, first singles release (previously a 2-pack) and hasn’t been available since 2009.

Happy hunting!

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