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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: How to Tell 2016 Themes From 2017

We’ve had the Themes motif with “banners” for several years now – some themes get carried over and while the banner gets re-designed, it’s usually subtle or some years, it’s virtually the same.

Of course, one way to tell is to spot the number on the front of the card indicating how many are the theme that year … but who can really keep track?

As “Carl P.” notes …

Piston Cup have 11 last year was 14
Radiator Spring have 19 last year 14
WPG Crew Chief have 10 last year 9
WPG unfortunately have both 13

Or CARS get re-released – the best clue is on the cardback – bottom left. The copyright date is of the “previous” year.

So, 2017 cards-CARS releases are © 2016.

2016 CARS release are © 2015, etc, etc …

Thanks, “Carl P.” for the nice photos!



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