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Mattel Disney PIxar Cars: 2017 Diecasts Pull In

Thanks “Scott M.” for the heads up and great photos.

As others have reported, some 2017 Themes diecasts have started to show (CARS and CARS 2 only, of course).

Technically, it’s a little late but of course, 2017 will be a good unique year with the release of CARS 3 diecasts … presumably the CARS 3 diecasts themes will join this lineup look with new “banners.”

There is a new release!

Wilmar Flatz was the only diecast released as a lenticular and never released as a classic fixed eye version – well, here she is.


And Petro Cartalina’s 2-pack was never officially released in the US but here he is as a single. Matti has been released in several box sets and as a Final lap single but I believe this is his first appearance as a mainline single.

For trivia buffs, Matti was the last numbered single – #165 … they have released about 900 singles since then. 🙂


This is also the first appearance of Alloy Hemberger as a single (previously box set) and PF Flea (previously only in the 2-pack). FLIK is coming as a single also.


And some returning old favorites, classics and releases not available for a couple years like Cartney & Tubbs Pacer with Paint Spray.


Plus more PC Racers with flat windshields (presumably).


New cardbacks – nothing too revealing but still a nice assortment.




Thanks “Scott M.”

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