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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Brad Winmiler is a Winner by a Mile

Thanks for the great photos, “John H.”

Brad Winmiler, one of the last of the 2016 singles crosses the retail finish line.







The last Super Chase of the year, J. Low Lee also comes with a Piston Cup, though not the same one.


Thanks, “John H.”



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  • quercy says:

    I do not worry too much about J. Shoesteer, Japeth, Chuck Armstrong (Mood Springs), Alex Machino, Stefan Gremsky, Towga Gremlin, Jason Hubkap, Max Schnell’s Pitty and M.A. Brake Drumm (I did not find any of these yet…) since we have seen some from Chinese Ebay resellers… BUT I am VEEEEERY worry about Mater with Cone Teeth !!! Anyone have seen him somewhere???… I don’t think so !… Lastly, Craig Faster and Alexis Wheelson Deluxe and No Tires Mater/McQueen plus Bruno Motoreau/Pitty 2-pack will obviously be in their last case of 2016 respectively. There is already plenty of apparition of the 2017 main line and expanded universe releases…. This is why I am losing hope to see that very long waited version of Mater… 🙁

    (MET: It looks mater with cone teeth has been moved into a new Radiator Springs line Deluxe along with the hauler cabs (no trailers). It’s unclear if this line replaces the RS Classic line at TRU currently. It seems unlikely there will be be two “classics” line but who knows. It’s also unclear at this point if it will be a TRU exclusive but it might be. I think they are dropping the “classics” because new CARs will be in this lineup ut lesser releases like semi cabs – while the regular Deluxe/Oversized lineup seems to feature the new characters with bigger roles … but of course, we’ll see … maybe this new RS line will appear (with CARS 1/CARS 2 characters) before the movie hits.

    Also, I think Deluxes come out of the other plant which seems to have much fewer leaks).

    • quercy says:

      If it is the case that would be the first time they break the series numbering system they have established in the last 4 years starting with WGP in 2013… 🙁

      (MET: It could be he will ship in both series – one right after the other).

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