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Target 30% Off Coupon – Saturday ONLY

Target has a nice 30% coupon off ALL TOYS on Saturday (Excludes LEGO, Cards Against Humanity, Joking Hazard game and hoverboards).


The 10% off coupon is good only on SUNDAY.

You can also use the coupon online – Sign up or sign in through our T5 link at eBates. After purchase, you get a rebate AND for NEW MEMBERS, get a $10 GIFT CARD!

The COUPON CODE for Target is: PLAY

Happy Shopping Season!

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18 November 2016 Shopping One Comment

One Comment

  • Jinzo says:

    Curious… How exactly does Ebates work?

    (MET: Retailers offer a cut of purchases for websites bringing them new/repeat customers* – eBates rebates you a portion of that take … for instance, website affiliates get paid from 5% to 8% for bringing in a Target.com customer … so eBates cuts you in on that – I think 2.5% back to you … it’s not bad for you since unlike old school rebates where you have to mail in anything, you just have to go to one extra site – ebates – you don’t have to do anything different or extra … though I think ebates only pays you “back,” every 90 days?

    * TakeFive is an affiliate with a bunch of retailers so if you use our link, you’re supporting T5 … and yes, eBates pays us to bring you in so it’s the circle of capitalism. 🙂 Help us help you … to help us 🙂 Of course, as a site mostly devoted to helping you buy diecasts and toys … we’re only doing our part).

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