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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: CARS 1 & CARS 2 Diecasts on Clipstrips in 2017

CARS 1 and CARS 2 diecasts will be available next year in several sub-lines but one is this oddball clipstrip version for retailers. It looks like they will come on regular cards but be clip-stripped for easy displaying? Or do retailers have to hang them on the clips manually? The ones in the photo seem to be randomly selected so it may not match the actual release next year but these will probably show up early since it reveals no new CARS 3 characters.


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  • BertieBassett says:

    We’ve had those exact strips earlier this year in our supermarkets in the UK and they come ready made up in the box so you just hang em up.

    (MET: Interesting … you’d think they’d decorate the strip with some sort of CARS theme or even CARS colors … thanks!)

    • BertieBassett says:

      They hang em in random aisles in like the breakfast cereal and sweet (candy) and chocolate ones to try and catch the children’s eye whilst walking around, they also have Hot Wheels and Matchbox strips with no decoration either.
      Another quick question Met i dunno if you’ve covered this one but why is Davey Apex now Dave Alternators?

      (MET: My only guess would be ‘Davey Apex now Dave Alternators’ is because Davey was named after an actual person who is not at Pixar anymore?)

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      Mattel doesn’t make the clip-strip itself. AFAIK, it’s a patented item and used by numerous folks like Frito-Lay, etc.

  • John says:

    Mattel seems to be dropping the APP and the ugly yellow snipe that went with it. The final releases of 2016 are snipe-less.

    • BMW says:

      Which ones are you writing about. All the latest ones Brad Winmiler, Coriander, and Darla have the app logo on the front.

      (MET: The new RT re-releases are sans snipe – see today’s post).

      • John says:

        The latest case of Deluxe.

        Pictures of the US versions of
        Craig Fäster Deluxe
        Alexis Wheelson Deluxe
        Breather Finn Deluxe

        have no app snipe on their cards.
        The other repeats in that case I’d guess will also be without the app.

        Makes sense Mattel would be dropping it rather than have to pay someone to program in all the 2017 releases and Cars 3 models to be recognized.

        The collectors who post in the forums have routinely bashed the app and the effect on the Cars’ packaging. I’ve yet to read anyone post to say how fun the app is and that it’s spurred them to buy more Cars.

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