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Congrats Cubbies!

Pretty amazing to wait 108 years between championships but congrats Cubbies!

Budweiser Brings Harry Caray back for the final call …

ESPN was ready also …

In case you’re wondering, that W Flag is not for Wrigley or Wrigleyville … because the Cubs used to play only day games and back then, people could not pull out a portable smartphone or even a transistor radio (yep, they played baseball 60 years BEFORE the transistor radio was invented) … the Cubs would put up a W FLAG for commuters on the rain on the way home so they would know if the Cubs WON.*


There’s a whole etiquette on when you could put up the W flag – it used to be you could not leave it up during the offseason as it might jinx the Cubs further but now, I guess it’s okay this off-season? 🙂 Of course, you can buy it on Amazon.

I have worked with a lot of people from Chicago who could drink a little, I suspect there will be an alcohol shortage by this evening there … of course, it’s not like anyone will be going to work there in the next few days (South Side excepted).

*Speaking of which, I think only White Sox fans buy the L for LOSS flag. 🙂

BTW, things we’ve gotten in the years between the previous Cubs World Championship back in ought 8? Income tax. The Model T was a new model. It’d only been 5 years since they invented the crazy contraption, the airplane. The Panama Canal was not completed yet.

Sorry, Cleveland – maybe next year!

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4 November 2016 Sports 2 Comments


  • John in Missouri says:

    Harry Caray, not Carey.


    (MET: Whoops).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    As someone else pointed out, in 1908 the percentage of living Civil War veterans who could have watched the Cubs win the 1908 Series, is the same as the amount of living Vietnam War veterans today who could watch the Cubs win.

    The Ottoman Empire still existed.

    Britain was still the supreme naval power.

    This is the first World Series the cubs could broadcast over TV.

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