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Congrats Cubbies!

Pretty amazing to wait 108 years between championships but congrats Cubbies!

Budweiser Brings Harry Caray back for the final call …

ESPN was ready also …

In case you’re wondering, that W Flag is not for Wrigley or Wrigleyville … because the Cubs used to play only day games and back then, people could not pull out a portable smartphone or even a transistor radio (yep, they played baseball 60 years BEFORE the transistor radio was invented) … the Cubs would put up a W FLAG for commuters on the rain on the way home so they would know if the Cubs WON.*


There’s a whole etiquette on when you could put up the W flag – it used to be you could not leave it up during the offseason as it might jinx the Cubs further but now, I guess it’s okay this off-season? 🙂 Of course, you can buy it on Amazon.

I have worked with a lot of people from Chicago who could drink a little, I suspect there will be an alcohol shortage by this evening there … of course, it’s not like anyone will be going to work there in the next few days (South Side excepted).

*Speaking of which, I think only White Sox fans buy the L for LOSS flag. 🙂

BTW, things we’ve gotten in the years between the previous Cubs World Championship back in ought 8? Income tax. The Model T was a new model. It’d only been 5 years since they invented the crazy contraption, the airplane. The Panama Canal was not completed yet.

Sorry, Cleveland – maybe next year!

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4 November 2016 Sports 2 Comments


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