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Mattel Disney Planes, Planes Fire & Rescue: TakeFive Complete Checklist Magazine

For PLANES & PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE diecast collectors, here’s the complete visual open checklist of everything in the 1:55 scale.

Unlike CARS which had a relatively stable order for the first 7 years before finally falling apart, PLANES had the misfortune of being released during the wilding distribution years so while the diecasts designs were varied and great, distribution was all over the board with the 6 card designs not even making it every part of the country so this will be an open checklist.


I also included a separate “repeat” checklist if you only collected the auto vehicles of PLANES & PLANES FIRE & RESCUE – but all and all, another excellent line extension to CARS. Great sculpts, fun variety and solid diecasts especially the vehicles.

Another 101 diecasts if you’re counting – around 1,100 not counting the CARS diecasts of 2016 … a final 10-years 4-film, multiple shorts and expanded universe count is coming!

Thanks for your support of TakeFive!



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  • 79nitroade30 says:

    Awesome!!! I just bought one! Super excited, thanks for doing a Planes one!

    (MET: Thanks for your support of T5!)

  • quercy says:

    Thank you Met… I was waiting this for quite some time now…. NEXT: Disney store CARS and PLANES ? :-)))

    (MET: Sorry, unless someone has photos … :-/ Thanks for your help on the PLANES checklist!).

  • John says:

    Does the Guide include Disney Store offerings where the scale matches? Buck & Doe, Ryker, Mayday…. ?

    (MET: No, since Doe is coming – Mattel Ryker has the moving arm and Mayday seems to be pretty much the same and there are two Mattel versions … IMHO).

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      Is “Doe” coming though? I suspect that one will be dropped since the film is now old news and it was an extremely minor character.

      The Disney Store Mayday is a little different than the Mattel ones, but as you say, Mattel made them, so why worry.

      What about the plastic “Patch” that was only available in the one Mattel Playset?

      (MET: The 6-pack is still listed so we’ll see. They did update a list for 2017 but of course, until it gets a release … Patch is shown as a diecast but will he get a release? We’ll see but with each passing day, it was easier and easier to lose track so I thought it’d be better to close the books – so hopefully we’ll get releases in 2017 and I’ll update the checklist but as of now …).

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