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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Bumper Bashers, Trash Talkers, Twisted Crashers & Lights-Sounds

Last week was the reveal of the CARS 3 diecast list – singles, 2-packs, haulers & Deluxe oversized.

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There are plenty of other releases of various sizes that are non-diecast plastic … most are repeat characters or obvious (Lightning or Mater) but the new characters are revealing in these oversized plastic sizes as clearly they are/will be some of the main characters.


SPOILER ALERT! (Plot scene reveal!)

Presumably the plastic line extension they always include in any launch year as this line includes SINGLES, 2-PACKS and OVERSIZED releases.

” … Each 2 pack includes 2 Crazy Racer singles and accessories (e.g. fence, tires, barrels) so you can re-create the Derby scenes from the movie! Rev them up against a surface, release and see them race around crashing and bashing. “

Character listed include: Push Over, Side Swipe, Fish Tail, Muddy Lightning, Cruz Ramirez, Ms. Fritter School Bus, Lance, Arvy & Mr. Drippy.


No size listed but it seems to be larger than 1:55. SPOILER ALERT! (Plot scene reveal!)

“Exciting, action packing racers! Pull back and then let them loose on the road to adventure! This new assortment of Cars 3 Derby characters has a mouth that chomps when activated!”

Character listed include: Ambulance, Arvy & Mr. Drippy.


Looks to be the same as the current large sized ones for toddlers/young kids.

Character listed include: Lightning McQueen, Mater, Jackson Storm & Cruz Ramirez.


No 1:55 L&S listed only the larger plastic version. First release of L&S Chick Hicks?

SPOILER ALERT! (Plot scene reveal!)

Character listed include: Lightning McQueen, Storm Jackson, Cruz Ramirez, Final Race LM, Chick Hicks and Epilogue Cruz Ramirez


Not sure how they will be different than BUMPER BASHERS except these all seem to be racers – guess we’ll see …

Character listed include: Lightning McQueen, Storm Jackson, Cruz Ramirez, Junior Weathers, Bobby Swift and Racer Cruz Ramirez.

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