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Mattel Disney Planes: Diecasts Cleared for 2017

Good news for all of us collecting PLANES & PLANES: Fire & Rescue diecasts are still coming. While PLANES 3 has been postponed indefinitely, it does look like PLANES/PLANES 2 diecasts will continue … some of these may have already been revealed but the list has been updated and there’s a new product code assigned (DMF63)

(Any name errors, let me know and I’ll fix)

Sparky with Easel

sparky with easel

“Dusty Super Fan.” Sparky

sparky super fan

Chug with Speed Detector

Chug with speed detector

Chuck Shocks Chuck Shocks

Sgt. Rhodey

Sgt. Rhodey.



Jenny Curtis

Beau Nanza

Beau Nanza

yalk llah

Formula 1 Racer, Maddox.

forumla 1

Jolly Wrenches #15, #17 & #19

jolly wrenches

The two CHASE Planes are listed – this is Night Flyer Dusty

dusty midnight

From early 2016, they will hopefully now get released, Secord (re-release) & Hammer

Secord #4 PLanes WM

#17 Hammer

There are a few with no photos yet of Ranger Aircraft & Ranger Chopper. There is another Navy Jet, Tango. Plus a few From the last post. Some will be re-released in different colors. We are also get the “common” re-releases – hopefully we’ll see them soon.

We’re also waiting for DOE, there is a listing for a 6-pack so it’s probably still there. (Previous listing). There are mystery 3-packs, something called a MUIR BUNDLE, MULTI-PACK (no further info – just a listing) and a DELUXE MULTI-PACK and MULTI-PACK (just text listings but great they are listed).

So, clear room.

Thanks for the names up, “79nitroade30.”



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