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Barry Eisler’s John Rain Spy Thrillers Are Great

If you’re looking for a well written pop fiction spy thrillers, the John Rain books are a fun read.

The confusing thing is the name change – when the author got the rights back to his books, he had to change the names so it is a little confusing. The books are identical but here are the original name and the revised – you can either pick up the NEW paperback or the USED ones. Or if you read the previous ones and wonder what the new cover looks like.

A Clean Kill in Tokyo (Previously Published as Rain Fall)

John Rain1

A Lonely Resurrection (Previously Published as Hard Rain)

John Rain2

Winner Take All (Previously published as Rain Storm)

John Rain3

Redemption Games (Previously published as Killing Rain)

John Rain4

Extremis (Previously published as The Last Assassin)

John Rain5

The Killer Ascendant (Previously Published as Requiem for an Assassin)

John Rain6

The Detachment & Graveyard of Memories

(Only Published Once)

John Rain7-8

There are also three shorts only available as eBooks: London Twist, Paris Bitch & Khmer Kill (read them before Book #7). Enjoy!

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