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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Factory Leak Diecasts …

“Jacob H.” spotted these on eBay … if you don’t want any spoilers for CARS 3, 2017 – look away but if you don’t mind a little preview.

Sally trailer

Is it legit? I would imagine so. There’s no real compelling reason counterfeiters would go to all the trouble to make up a complete fake especially Ramone’s elaborate paint scheme or Sally’s roof carrying case. These also fit in the theme of the “road trip” CARS 3 movie. Especially since the first wave of releases will likely comprise of 90% “re-paints” plus a few scattered new sculpt releases. Again, not un-surprising as the movie will mostly likely start in town as they start their road trip.

ramone trailer

I’m guessing the first 2-packs will be with trailer?

Thanks, “Jacob H.” for the heads up.

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