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Mattel Disney Planes: Midnight Flyer Dusty Still in the Midnight Hour

Thanks, “John H.” for the nice pics.

It looks like we will get a Super Chase Midnight Flyers Dusty. Not sure what case it will be in as we haven’t gotten a new PLANES case in a while …

midnight dusty

dusty midnight


One of the other mystery PLANE is a Midnight El Chup.

MIdnight Flyers

Thanks, “John H.”

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  • dvincent says:

    Has this model ever been released one day?

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      The last new Planes item I can remember was Zed Custard, and now that the product line (and the films) are apparently dead, this one will likely never see daylight either. You might keep a diligent eye on Chinese eBay vendors though …

    • quercy says:

      TOYFORCE2013 had them at sometime. He still have the never released Croix Cartwright and Gregory Piper… but unfortunately he sells them “loose”. I only buying on card… If you scroll through his selection you can see both Midnight Flyers grayed out (out of stock) and if you scroll through the pictures you can see both Dusty and El Chupacabra side and top view…

  • quercy says:

    Looking at the back of the card there will be at least 2 more SUPER CHASE…. I believe I have seen a loose Midnight version of Chupacabra a while back on ebay… It is a bit odd to have SUPER CHASE in the world of Planes since they have never issued any CHASE yet…

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