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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Fillmore’s Taste In Unboxing

Thanks “Michael VN” for the great pics!

Fillmore’s Taste In is definitely tasty.

fill box

box back

fillmore boxc


While it’s nice – it’s a huge upgrade to great with the light-up feature.

street viewq\ fillmore glow

fill side

Fillmore Glows in the Dark.

fill back

Thanks for the great photos, “Michael VN.”

More photos in PART 2 – loading soon.

“John H.” supplies some box comparison photos with Flo’s V8 Cafe.

Fillmores-Precision-package_02 Fillmores-Precision-package_01

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  • Mariela says:

    Can’t wait to find this at TRUs before the sale ends!!

  • tzdtmm says:

    It says on the side of the box ‘Radiator Springs poster inside’, what does that look like? Anything good? Street view or satellite view of the town?


    (MET: Post coming Monday on mini poster).

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      The “poster” is a one page, one sided, 8.5″ x 11″ sheet, in a sepia tone style. It is looking down main street toward the Court House and has each forthcoming play set numbered. The main street shops are not listed, nor is Ramone and Flo’s Bungalow.

      The style of art is more cartoonish than anything with the play sets in black line art, and the rest in white line art. Very minimalist.

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