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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Artist Ramone Bodies Up

Artist Ramone is basically Body Shop Ramone without his spray gun …

(this is the int’l card)

artist ramone1

Even Mattel can’t kept track of what Ramone is he … on the US card below, he’s listed as Body Shop Ramone – so if you like error cards, snap one up! Though when Mattel makes a name mistake, they are unlikely to make a change. Of course, Ramone has been confusing since the beginning as this is the SECOND time they listed him under an incorrect name and of course, I think 50% of Hydraulic Ramones are not hydraulic … or you can take our old Ramone quiz. 🙂


Thanks “Matthew M. and John H.” for the photos and heads up.

Other suggested names for Artist Ramone:

“Accessory Fell Off Ramone”

“Hydraulic Not Working Lime Ramone.”


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