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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Transforming Lightning McQueen

Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”

One of the more intriguing new releases is Transforming Lightning McQueen.

This is his first EVER release.


From the scene in CARS 1 when he transforms into Dinoco Lightning McQueen/Dinoco Lightning Storm to shoot down the giant spark plug monsters. Though the diecast has the screenshot transition backwards. Is there a screenshot that matches the diecast?



Nicely done to capture the change-effect.



Though John H. notes, you might want to look carefully, quality varies.


It’s been floating around the back door – as John H. speculates that the difficulty in producing them is the reason they had so many to sell … sounds reasonable. The final production one has the black window + the effect (center photo).


In case you ever wondered what the actual color of the diecast is before tampo decals are applied. It’s in the windshield. Whatever the windshield color is, that is the color over the base. Then oter colors are applied or a tampo decal is applied.


So the pre production ones seem to be blue with the additional red hit but either that didn’t work as well? Or they ultimately decided to go with RED as the base + a blue hit to the front … (center is the final one). And the final tampo decal is the more lightning effect and not the one with white splotches on the sides.


Though that extra handling might cause paint chunks. Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”


Transforming Lightning McQueen  (Amazon). or eBay.

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  • jeaks says:

    Interesting, I found this and the other newbies from the case here in Australia back at end of November. Although only saw on the shelves of Coles (a large supermarket chain).For some reason I thought they were out everywhere back then.

  • Laika2 says:

    Why is there many different versions of this “tranforming Lightning McQueen”?

    And sorry for going off topic again but what I meant is has the Tokyo Mater dvd an interactive menu or is it just the one from the pics?

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